the Conundrum Cognitive Assessment test

COCOA is a test of your conundrum cognition ability. Are you up to it?
Download the test and then check your answers below. Good luck!
Click on an item below to reveal the information. Select a section above to get hints on each section.
 What is this?
It’s a mini-puzzlehunt. Each labeled section is a different kind of puzzle or related puzzles. It’s a pastiche of and homage to / homage to the MoCA test. See .
 Tell me a little bit more.
The answer to each labeled section answer is a common word. The answers to the subsections are not necessarily words. The “points” listed in the right column gives the number of letters.
 What do the []s indicate?
Each [] is an answer letter.
 Do I need any special knowledge or the internet?
Familiarity with common word puzzle types, like anagrams and cryptic crosswords, will be helpful, and common codes and ciphers will come in handy. No other specialized knowledge or research is necessary.
 Any general advice?
Read carefully. There are hints embedded in the text.
 Do I need to print this out?
While you might find it convenient to work on a printed copy, there is nothing that requires you to print this out.
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